Which type of Dad are you buying for? Father’s Day Goodie Guide

If I see one more “tie” advertised as the perfect gift for Dad, I’m going to scream. My husband would rather get a new garbage can for Father’s Day then an uptight stodgy tie. The last time he wore a tie was at our wedding in 2001. We all know that dads come in all shapes and sizes so it’s only fitting that Father’s Day gifts should too. Pick out which dad you are buying for in our FATHER’s DAY GOODIE GUIDE!  



This is for the dad who permanently parks his heinie on the couch with his Onesieremote control in one hand watching his favorite Zombie Show. When I saw this product I squealed out loud and said, “YES, YES, YES, now does it come in women’s sizes too?”  This is the ultimate lounger for the lazy dad, with only one zip you are snuggled up like a swaddled baby. It’s the The Original Onesie – $99.00 USD







This is for the uber fit Dad who posts videos of himself on Facebook doing a one handed push up. You know who you are with your incredible 12 pack abs.  It’s also good for us moms chasing our kids around all day. It’s The Glukos energy drink.Glukos

Glukos is an all-natural, performance energy product that provides users twice the energy, twice as fast as leading “energy” products on the market. It’s an Oral IV that’ll keep your energy levels at an optimum level while avoiding the “crash” or “bonk” of caffeinated or mainstream energy drinks.  It comes in six different delivery mechanisms, including powder, ready-to-drink, tummies, tablets, bars and gels.


The dad who likes everything in its place. The dad who yells out, “Hey who moved the coffee table a quarter of an inch? With this pouch he can keep all his valuables in one special place with the cool Phone Pocket Plus. 

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus | $119.95

Keep your everyday essentials in one place, protected from the elements. Mpocketphoneade from all-weather leather, the Elements Phone Pocket Plus fits a large phone, passport, cards, notes, coins, key and SIM card. A water-resistant zip offers you peace of mind too, as it secures your valuables into a remarkably slim silhouette. 



This football is perfect for the Dad who is still decorating his man cave with his favorite sports memorabilia.  Do you have a special term of endearment for your dad? How about Pappoose? Smelly Belly or just plain old FootballPappy? You can slap that name on this customizable football to celebrate him.

Wilson’s customization site allows you to create a unique football keepsake that any dad would enjoy. More templates are available at wilson.com. Custom Leather Football – From Wilson Sporting Goods

Price: Starting at $79.99


This is for the dad who’s always traveling whether it’s for a meeting in Cleveland or a guys golf outing in Boca.(Insert mom eye roll, when do we get to go on vacation?) The long plane rides can be much more enjoyable on his ipad mini where he can watch endless movies, check emails Mophieor get trapped in the MindCraft matrix. Don’t need to worry about losing storage space or battery power with the Mophie Space Pack for the ipadmini.

The packs give an ipad mini more external storage and extra battery together inside of a protective case. Provides up to 128GB of extra storage, up to 100% extra battery, and the power to save everything. 

Price: $199.95 (32GB); $299.95 (64GB), $399.95 (128GB)
Buy it here mophie.com

Price: $350
Where to Buy: Singtrix.com



This is the perfect gift for my friend, Chris who dressed as Guns and Roses for Halloween and when I told him he  truly looked like a RockStar he said to me, “Do you actually think –  I DON’T think I’m a rock star?” It’s also a great gift for the dad who gleefully belts out show tunes in the minivan.

From the creators of the original Guitar Hero®* comes Singtrix®, the next-generation karaoke machine that makes bad singers sound good and good singers sound amazing! Sound like your favorite stars with hundreds of professional vocal effects, live backup harmonies created from your own voice & natural pitch-correction. It works with any music and any audio device.

 Click here to buy www.singtrix.com



This is for my husband who defies the tie and celebrates casual friday every day of the week. I love this shirt because it also comes with a Stain Breaker and FastDry technology – perfect for my husband who always seems to have spaghetti sauce on his shirt.  Also love the short sleeves so I can see my husband’s hot veins popping out of his forearms- too much info? 

carhartCarhartt Force Mandan Chambray Short-Sleeve

Price: $50

Where to Buy: Carhartt.com







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