Halloween Advice for Moms: How to survive all that candy!

P1020662P1020663Meet the Halloween Fairy this Year! Hundreds of pieces of candy are coming soon to a home near you! -insert horror scream-  AHHHHHHHHH!

The real scare of Halloween is the mass volume of candy my children will ingest and the meltdowns it will create. king size Musketeer bars, Starburst and lollipops. I can hear my dentist’s office calling now. To avoid this mayhem, a few years ago I told a lie. It wasn’t any different from pretending the Easter bunny hides egg and that a fat Santa goes down our chimney. I invented the HALLOWEEN FAIRY.

I told my children “Get ready, cause the Halloween Fairy is coming tonight.” Here’s how it works. The children pick fifteen pieces of candy they’d like to keep. The remaining candy they place outside their bedroom door. Once they are fast asleep the fairy flies in and takes their candy and replaces it with a gift from their wish list.

Items on their wish list could be anything under $20.00. So for twenty bucks I am candy free? Worth every penny.! One year my son got a Skylander figure and my daughter got a Hershey kiss necklace. They woke up like it was Christmas and forgot all about the candy they gave up.

The only down point? Is my husband locks himself in the basement every night finishing all the candy.

So if you are sick of all that Halloween candy then open up the window and let the Halloween Fairy fly in!

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