Carey eats cake and gets fit with Youtube fitness star Amanda Russell!

Carey shooting with Amanda at Appcession

Former Olympic distance runner Amanda Russell is as famous for her passion for fitness as she is her tight and toned figure. The celebrity fitness expert’s engaging personality and enthusiasm emanate sexiness. Take a look at my this fun episode where Amanda shoes me some awesome workout moves and how to she’s so sexy.







When I first arrived at Amanda’s apartment I was surprised at what an amazing decorator she was. She had very unique pieces and such an eclectic style. I wanted to move right in! Her apartment alone was pretty sexy. And Amanda is little, she’s super petite I was worried I might snap her in half when we hugged. Once I hugged I realized she is really a lean muscle machine. Amanda was prepared to make cake. This is my kind of visit. She had a great recipe for a very healthy dessert. It was a pound cake, pineapple and Cool Whip. I LOVE cool whip but truthfully I never made this cake again, I think it was just too light for me. I like a cheap sugary supermarket cake. The kind that you can feel the sugary grit on your teeth. I also don’t like the cake part either I love the frosting!! Its the cake that is sooo bad for you and make you diabetic within seconds.

Then because Amanda is a “fitness freak” she strong armed me into doing some exercises when truthfully I would’ve rather just sat on her fuzzy carpet asking her questions and eating cake.  The exercises were actually very challenging and I felt good after the workout.

We then headed over to an amazing company called Appcession where I met the amazing Daphne Borowski and Tracy Toler-Phillips. Appcession basically make fitness apps and they were helping Amanda with hers. Tracy is the photographer taking all the super fun photos that day. I’ve kept in touch with Tracy and since this episode she took my headshots!!! Click here to contact her if you want yours done.

My headshot by Tracy
My headshot by Tracy
Headshot by Tracy

I had a riot playing around this Amanda during this photoshoot. I really found my inner tiger and let it rip! Kim Kardashian has nothing on me… I broke the internet that day oh and also a rib. Check Amanda’s amazing Youtube channel and website.

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