Trufood’s Launch Party at Almond NYC!

Ava and Me lunching for Trufood!
Ava and Me lunching for Trufood!

Last week my daughter Ava and I attended the amazing TruFood Luncheon party at Almonds in NYC.  We had a delicious lunch while learning about the Wellness’s new line of pet food. 

Lisa Laich, the Director of Marketing at Wellness explains their launch, “Our new Wellness TruFood line helps provide pets with the wholesome, natural, grain-free nutrition they need to support their overall health and wellbeing. Real nutrition—nutrition you can see through vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables and whole prey proteins—is the most fundamental source of health and happiness for your pets.







TruFood sent us home with lots of goodies that our pooch, Bella LOVED.









They also filled our belly’s with a delicious lunch at my new friend Lee’s amazing restaurant, Almond.  My daughter who is normally a picky eater even said, “That was the best chicken I’ve ever had!” 



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