Trick or Treating: Top 5 ways to know you are too OLD

P1020657Here’s the very latest from my blog, Not So Skinny Mom…

When my doorbell rang at 9pm last Halloween I was a little freaked out. Especially when I opened the door to find six adults with their pillowcases stretched out asking for candy.  I was hoping they weren’t going to demand my wallet too! Come on people let’s set some guidelines here for trick or treating. The age cut off should be fifteen . Honestly if you are  old enough to shave and drive you are old enough to  buy your own candy.

Here’s my Top 5 List to know you are too old to be trick or treating.

5. Your mask doesn’t fit over your mustache
4. Your probation officer says you must be back by 7pm
3. Your costume is light and airy to avoid hot flashes
2. You drive YOUR car trick or treating
1. You only want candy that doesn’t pull on your dentures.

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