Steve Weatherford shows Carey his hyperbaric chamber!

IMG_6742Hey guys! After the news broke last week that Steve Weatherford would be moving on from the NY Giants I thought it would be a good time to share with you a piece I filmed with him a few years back. Steve is a first class guy whose main priority is loving and supporting his family, being known for his philanthropic heart and incredible work ethic.

I gotta tell yah when my producer Kevin first told me I would be filming with an NFL player I thought “Oh great. I’m going to spend the day with a vapid meat head.”  Within just a few seconds of meeting Steve I knew right away how wrong I was.  He surprised with me his super quick wit, confidence and charisma. And boy is he fun and goofy! By the end of the day I felt like we were two kids being silly on a play ground.

Now, I’m proud to call Steve a friend and I can’t wait to see what’s he’s going to be doing next. This guy is a star ON and OFF the field.


Click this episode of me with Steve Weatherford in How Are You So Sexy? Click the second link to see me with Steve on NYC’s SuperBowl Boulevard!—man-on-the-street-edition-518107601

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