Snowmaggeddon 2015 at NSSM

photo 3My family prepared all Monday for the “Greatest Snow Storm of the Century.” I stocked up with salt, flashlights and Duraflame logs. My husband set up his GoPro camera to record the “hurricane like winds.” The kids went to bed with their pj’s on backwards and we were ready for our two feet of snow! (Insert my children’s moans and groans) this morning when we looked out the window to only see a mere eight inches of  the fluffy stuff! Blizzard? Pleeeazzzz I grew up in Syracuse this morning’s snow is just an average day in Central New York.

Snowstorms bring out the home chef in all of us. But as you guys know I am eating healthy this New Year whether we are snowed in or not! It’s not easy when my husband is a mad scientist in the kitchen perfecting his homemade pancake recipe. He just yelled out to me, “You sure you don’t want any of these homemade pancakes? It’s my best yet.” “Ugh” “I said,  “no!”  My husband is six feet tall and 220 pounds. He eats like a trash compactor. He can endless amounts of ice cream, pizza and pasta and get on the scale and say, “Crap, down ten pounds.” He can’t keep any sort of weight on him.

I can indulge in just one slice of pie and the scale will go up four pounds. Its so frustrating! I am on my second round of hot cocoa for the kids and about to make a Bolognese sauce for dinner. I think I know someone who loves the snow!

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