Robin & her BIG FAT Italian Vacation

This week’s Travel story comes from NSSM’s guest contributor Robin Blanz. Robin is my dear friend who is uber organized and has every school break tripped out with one fantastic adventure after the next. So while I was at the grocery store stocking up on foot warmers for an arctic breeze in February, Robin and her family were laying on the beaches of St. Thomas. Recently Robin went and celebrated her 40th birthday in Italy with her husband and two children for two weeks. She hooked up with Eternity Tours to see Rome. Here’s what she thought…


NSSM: Robin, Did you LOVE LOVE Italy?

Robin: I did, it was unreal. The people, the food the history. We went at the end of June even though we were warned about the heat and boy was it hot! That was really are only challenging part.

NSSM: What did you think of Rome?

Robin: Love, Love, Love. You can wonder around but you really do need to use tours to see the city. We used Eternity Tour also known as “TET.” We were escorted by a lovely young man named Mario, who guided us all around Rome on our, “Rome at Twilight among the Piazzas and Fountains Tour.” Twilight was the perfect time of day to experience this magical city especially since the sun was going down and it was significantly cooler. Mario, a previous actor, was super entertaining and great with my two children. He even stopped at what was the BEST gelato store in the city…Oreo flavor is our new family favorite thanks to Mario!

NSSM: Your kids are 9 and 10, How was it traveling to Europe with kids?

Robin: When I first planned this trip I was petrified my kids would be nightmares but to both my husbands and I surprise they were delightful. My daughter HATED the Vatican, I guess I won’t be sending her to the convent anytime soon.


NSSM: You keep mentioning the heat, Robin. You LOVE the heat and you know I can’t take the heat. How hot was it? Oh and I have a feeling that Oreo was your favorite flavor way before you ate it in Italy. LOL

Robin: You caught on to me. Oreos are my favorite. The gelato is so much smoother and yummy over there. and yes, the heat! I almost passed out it was so hot. They don’t believe much in air conditioning. And I usually love the heat, but this kind of heat was like sitting on the sun. If I were to go again I would definitely go during the off season.










NSSM: Which sites did you see?

Robin: On this tour we saw the Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon, Piazza
Navona, and the Spanish Steps. Our guide Mario was awesome and filled with so much Roman knowledge and enthusiasm that our 3-hour tour just flew by. I must also note that the headset equipment used by this company was the best we had during our entire stay. I think tours are important in Rome and we did love this one. So, if you use Eternity Tours, be sure to request Mario…You wont be disappointed!

Robin in Rome



NSSM: Robin is it just me or are you standing in front of a big Vajayjay?

Robin: crickets….

Anways, thank you so much my dear Robin for your story. I can’t wait to hear about your next amazing trip as I sit at McDonalds ordering my McCafe coffee.


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