Ring Doorbell Catches Mom Embarrassing Wedgie Pick

Ring Doorbell Catches Mom Embarrassing Wedgie Pick

Recently I noticed quite a few of my neighbors  installing a new security system -by the Ring. It’s a door bell with a camera. It records whoever rings your doorbell. It also notifies you via phone if there is osmeone at your door or a motion at your door.

The Ring Will Tape Everything.

However, be prepared to have EVERYTHING taped at your front door… Here I am answering my door for a pizza delivery and talking to a friend. I totally FORGOT I was being taped and picked my wedgie like it was my JOB. This video isn’t frozen I just picked my wedgie FOR A LONG ASS TIME.

The Ring doorbell allows you to monitor your home from your smartphone, ipad tablet or computer. Ring lens features a wide angle lense with a built in microphone and speaker so you can hear and speak to anyone at your door or at your property.

It’s Super Easy To Install

The doorbell is shipped with everything you need to install it including the perfect sized drill bit. My husband who is very handy was able to install it within minutes. At first the audio coming out of the door bell was muffled so I called the 1-800 customer service number supplied by the company. They helped me troubleshoot the issue and actually sent me free of charge a doorbell adapter that helped pick up our wi-fi signal better. They were committed to making sure that the doorbell work great.

The Ring monitoring system is a real game changer for us.

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