Kristen Taekman is my next M.I.L.F.! ps- The girl loves her some Cinnabon & Elvis!

IMG_1706While out in the Hamptons this summer,  I ran into Bravo’s uber talented RHONY’s Kristen Taekman. We chatted about our kids, fashion and of course our blogs. Not only is she beautiful but she’s super down to earth, hysterically funny and a real “girls girl.” I knew right away I wanted her to by my M.I.L.F. : Mom I’d like to friend.   I’m thrilled to bring you guys Bravo’s RHONY’s, Kristen Taekman!

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.16.45 AMNSSM: You have an obsession with Elvis like I do for adorable Pomeranians. When did this love for him begin? Would you want to be his sweet Priscilla or his fast and furious Ann Margaret?

Kristen: My love for Elvis began when I was about 12 years old. My parents always listened to the oldies station, my father is an Elvis fan and sort of passed it on to me. He bought me an original Roustabout movie poster that sealed the deal, along with making a trip to Graceland when I was 15 years old. I walked through those gates and was forever in Love. I am a housewife through and through. I would want to be the girl he married not the girl he had an affair with!

2. NSSM: Have you ever watched the LIVE Elvis video “Love Me Tender” when he goes into the audience and lip kisses over 100 women? Would you take the risk of contracting herpes to lay one on Elvis?

Kristen:  Hello it was the 70’s everyone was kissing everyone.. I would have been first in line!

3. NSSM: First of all- I want to put all rumors to rest that I AM actually a natural brunette in case you were wondering… but I heard you ARE NOT a natural blonde? What color were you born with and do you have a pic?

Kristen: You can look at any photo of my children to get my natural hair color. BROWN …. #blondeshavemorefun lol

photo from Last Night's Look

4. NSSM: I love your blog, “Last Night’s Look.” My last night’s look was a tomato stained unicorn t-shirt and gray sweatpants. Tell me about your most favorite outfit you ever, ever, ever wore.

Kristen: You are hilarious…. my favorite look has to be any of my looks wearing my suede thigh high boots from Stuart Weitzman. Love those boots and they are cozy too !

Cast of Bravo's RHONY

5. NSSM:  The women on the show gave you a lot of slack for that gray “Mohair Sweater Dress” you wore earlier in the season. How do you take the sometimes harsh criticism from the other ladies on the show?

Kristen: When it comes to fashion advice from the other ladies, their 2 cents goes in one ear and out the other! Have they looked in the mirror lately, they all seem to wear the same thing over and over again. Same hair, same jewelry, same dress. BORING. I wore mohair in February in NYC during a snowstorm??? Hmmmm ??? I am still stumped on what the big deal was? The other criticism I get from them, I usually listen. After all, it was tough to listen to my elders!

6. NSSM: You have a blog, a nail polish line, you’re a model, reality star, a wife and a mom… all amazing things! The real question is, “Can you belch the alphabet?” If not, then what is your potty humor of choice?

Kristen: Ha! I tend to have a potty mouth.

Photo by Mia McDonald

7. NSSM: I’m constantly losing and gaining the same twenty pounds over and over again. I’m dying to know, are you naturally thin or do you eat only kale and boiling water?

Kristen: I owe it all to my Mom and Dad! After 35 it hit me like a ton of bricks.. my jeans wouldn’t fit at the waist line when I didn’t work out. I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted anymore. I try and get gluten free and as sugarfree as much as possible when at home. When I go out to eat it’s a free for all. In NYC we walk a lot. I know it sounds silly but I notice a huge difference when I am out of the city and driving. I do Pilates and spin when I can. No sugar for me works best. I haven’t had a cup of coffee or any soda in 8 years !

8. NSSM: While having sex,  which food do you dream about? 

Kristen: What’s Sex??? lol.. I can’t say I think about food?? But if I did, probably Cinnabon!

9. NSSM: I once had a model teach me how to take a picture like a REAL model she said, “You Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.59.43 AMmake an expression like you are thoughtful and yet confused.” Do you have any tips on taking a great pic?

Kristen: That’s funny.. I think they best thing to do it practice in the mirror, what expressions look best on your face or study photos. Ridiculous I know but it works!

10. NSSM: I just got back this morning from getting my face blown up with Botox so I’m dying to know how do YOU feel about plastic surgery?
Kristen: Love it! Ha ha !!! I have implants and just recently had the tires rotated and upgraded.. lol. I have been getting botox since I was 35. I think Botox when done lightly and properly works great. You have to go to a good person!!! I have drop once from Botox and it was horrible!!!

11. NSSM: I love the names of your nail polishes from your line, “Pop of Color.”   How do you come up with them and will there be a nachos color coming soon for me? LOLScreen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.59.57 AM

Kristen: My Pop of Color names come from a lot of my social media hashtags. Phrases I use all the time, #Pajamas #homesweethome #easylikesunday #mommyreality Cashmoney is after my son cash. Crybaby is after Kingsley (who is deep in tantrum mode). The King well of course for the King!! The next set of polishes will be a bit more racy! Thrust will be one!!

Check out RHONY’s reunion tonight on Bravo 8/7c

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