It’s a Merry Christmas at NBC’s Today Show!

Love this sunkissed Christmas tree in Today Show green room.. Syarucse fans.. Go Orangemen!

Of course NBC’s Today Show has an orange tree! Their glowing tree sits beautifully in their ORANGE room! I’m glad I didn’t get that spray tan.. I’d hate for everyone to say, “Which is the tree and which is Carey.  I had so much fun this morning on the show with Erica Hill. Lester Holt and my fellow contributors, Chuck Nice and Erik Davis.

Making some funny with David and Celeste who know how to make a not so awake mom look alive!

I had a holiday party the night before so I made sure my car drove me early enough to let the amazing hair and makeup duo David and Celeste do their magic.. and believe me I do mean magic… You should have seen my bags at 6:30am. Then Deb in wardrobe assured me the red jacket was the way to go!!!

Today we discussed our favorite Holiday movie classics with Today’s segment Weekend Movie Ticket. There was a great lead in package by Joelle Garguilo. This was my first Today Show segment with props! We had these festive  snowflake cutouts pictured below with out top movie pics written on them.

Click here to see the video of our top picks!

Right before we went live, Erik Davis, Chuck Nice and me!
Right before we went live, Erik Davis, Chuck Nice and me!

Here are the three categories and my choices.

ChristmasvacationFAVORITE CLASSIC HOLIDAY FILM: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. This film is a comedic masterpiece. Its hysterical to watch this family’s patriarch played by Chevy Chase experience just about every meltdown a family could face on Christmas. I could watch this film over and over again and still cry laughing.


elfFavorite Family Holiday Movie: Elf. All I have to say for this pic is Will Farrell. Everyone wants to see a 6 foot man dressed in an Elf costume My kids will watch this movie any time of the year. We were watching it on our way to the beach this summer! Its so fun to watch poor Buddy the Elf  leave the North Pole and head to NYC to find his father who doesn’t believe in Christmas.


loveactuallyFavorite Romantic Comedy: Love Actually This is a Holiday film following eight different story lines about love in all different stages; from the  first kiss to getting married and even a cheating partner. Hugh Grant is the big draw in this film with his charming ways playing England’s Prime Minister who falls for a staff member.



A quick snap with the great Erica Hill and me- Just two New Jersey moms hangin’ out at Today Show!

In just three minutes our segment is over ! We took a few pictures like this one here with the amazing Erica Hill. We ate some ladkes and fresh doughnuts from Today Show guest Chef Eli Sussman. They were delish! Everyone should go and check out his restaurant at Mile End in Brooklyn.  There you have it my Merry Christmas Weekend Movie Ticket episode at the Today Show. Now go and grab a cup of hot cocoa, cuddle up on the couch  and binge watch these three fun holiday films. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

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