Kelly Clarkson Warns Don’t Shush Her Baby.

Kelly Clarkson and Jane Francisco

Grammy winning singer/songwriter Kelly Clarkson tells NSSM about Homeschooling her children, Traveling with kids and her new Children’s Book, “River Rose and The Magical Journey.”

What does one do when Editor-in-Chief of Good Housekeeping Magazine, Jane Francisco asks you to an intimate luncheon with Kelly Clarkson?  You pull up your SPANX, slap some makeup on and show up!

Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Kelly Clarkson has been a very close friend of mine for years – IN MY HEAD.  So, you can only imagine how thrilled I was to break bread and slurp some soup with her in the private dining room at the Hearst Tower in NYC. She told us all about her new children’s book, River Rose and the Magical Lullaby out this month. 

img_0014Clarkson was all I ever wanted, she was down to earth, funny and of course gorgeous. 

Over celery soup and bite size sandwiches the mother of four shared how traveling the world inspired her to write a book. Clarkson says she was afraid her daughter wouldn’t remember all the amazing trips she was taking. “We were traveling everywhere and her passport was loaded with stamps. So we had all these cool experiences of her meeting kangaroos and her seeing castles in England and stuff like that. So I ended up writing these little stories while everyone slept on the plane.” She then shared the stories with friends who suggested she turn them into a book.

ej6a1017Singing comes easy to Clarkson but she was surprised to learn how hard it was to write a children’s book, “It was very challenging. The children are learning to read and the way you need to present it to them is so particular. I got a 101 on how to write children’s books from David my editor who is amazing.”

Clarkson was raised by her hardworking single mother who instilled reading in her at a young age, “This is the thing she is most proud of,” Clarkson says, “I’ve done a lot but apparently nothing compared to this.” Clarkson laughs and imitates her proud mother by saying, “Yes, ‘My daughter is a published author.”  

Clarkson who is the mother of four children; two step children ages, 15 and 8 years old and two biological children 2 years and 5 months old  says she homeschooled her children so they can travel with her and learn to appreciate other countries. “That’s a whole different education and I think just as valuable as science class. It’s just as important to get to know other cultures and people.” says Clarksoimg_0026n.

Yes, of course a mega star like Kelly Clarkson does fly private  but sometimes when traveling with her family she says she flies commercial.  Clarkson says she has no patience with people being annoyed by her children when traveling on the plane.

“Here’s the worst.” says Clarkson, “A. You don’t want your kid to be a tool on the plane and B. Shut up to the guy next to you who is so annoyed.” warns Clarkson. “If you go “Ahhhhh” one more time, I’m going to cry in your face for the whole flight, just to piss YOU off.”

Clarkson’s only real parenting tip for the rest of us?  “Hang in there.”  laughs Clarkson. She says she doesn’t really have any solid tips of traveling with kids either. I really don’t want to give you a tool answer Clarkson says but “Flying with kids commercially which I do is awful.” When asked what her biggest tip would be? She let out a big laugh and jokingly said, “Fly private.”

Click here to get your copy of Kelly Clarkson’s new children’s book by Harper Collins, “River Rose and the Magical Lullaby” 


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