Hair Extensions and reporting on breaking news: Carey sits down with Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander

Having fun on the set of HLN's Showbiz Tonight with AJ Hammer & Megan Alexander!

I first met Meghan Aleaxnder when I was a guest on AJ Hammer’s Showbiz Tonight on HLN. We sat side by side and had so much fun yapping it up about the biz and pop culture.  We kept in touch now and again through facebook. Once Rodale gave me  my own web series where I could ask people
“How they are so sexy?”  I immediately thought of Megan. She gave us a great interview and let us see behind the scenes of the nationwide news cast, Inside Edition.

The greatest lesson I learned form Megan was where to get her clip on hair extensions!!! She also showed how to put them in! Now I can’t live without them!  I will do a tutorial on this soon… She told me and  see if the company can offer you guys any coupons for the website. So Please watch the video and stay tuned for the coupon!

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