Oops! Should I have posted my kid’s first day of school pic?


I posted my picture at my kid’s first day of school.. because I’m thrilled. 🙂 

My friend Nicole walked passed me whimpering after dropping her daughter off for her first day of second grade. She said to me, “I can’t stop crying.”  “Crying? Really?” I thought. Am I a monster? I don’t have any tears even remotely in my ducts. And as my friend Eileen will tell you, I’m known among my friends as the crier”  I cry if I can’t find my car keys, I cry watching kitten videos with my daughter, and I especially cry when the scale goes up two pounds. But I don’t cry on my children’s first day of school.

Sweet Ava and darling John Michael on first day of school

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my children in the summer, chasing fireflies, swimming in the ocean and getting ice cream. But I usually cry on their LAST day of school as summer is about to start. Why? Because I suck at organizing. There I said it, I’m the mom who waits until the last day of school to start booking summer camps. I’m the mom who decides at 5pm what we are going to have for dinner that night. I am constantly losing my lists which are there to tell me what I’m suppose to accomplish on my list! I am a box of nerves balancing camps, pickup times, uniforms and playdates. Summer is not the easiest season out there.

I grew up with the beautiful nice, cool, breezy summers of Central New York. Now, I’m in New Jersey where summer’s feel like I’m sitting on the sun; one day this past summer the temp registered 101 degrees!!! The heat makes me grumpy, mean and short tempered. It makes me question each summer if I”m in menopause. I’m always fanning myself, sipping on ice water and treating a thigh rash that gives me a peg leg limp. I also hate showing my pale Irish arms so I usually wear a sweater shrug over my maxi and at least once a day a skinny ass mom asks me, “Aren’t you hot with that sweater on?”  To which I would LIKE to reply “No, you marathon running freak.” 

I’m also one of the few people in my town with window air conditioners that sounds like an airplane is taking off in my bedroom at night. To top it all off I also gain weight in the summer, It’s not fun trying to squeeze a  pair of Spanx over a sweaty muffin top. The first day of school at least five moms on the playground asked me, “Hey how was your summer?” “Did you have a great summer?” “What’d you do this summer?” UGHHHHHHHHH I wanted to say, my summer  made me hot, ornery, fat and tired. My only saving grace was my 5 O’Clock MOMTAIL.

So I am thrilled school started today. I”m looking forward to having a homemade snack ready for my children when they get home. I’m looking forward to the cool Fall breeze and hearing all about the kids fun days with their teachers and new friends. Most of all, I’m looking forward to being missed again by my kids and seeing them run out of those school house doors with a big smile on their faces yelling, “Mommmmmmmy!”

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