Gaston at Disney: Watch as he shows me his “360 degrees of perfection.”

Gaston's Disney
Gaston’s Disney

   Disney’s hysterical Beauty and the Beast character, Gaston has been making headlines entertaining Disney Park visitors with his arrogance and quick wit. Just today I saw a story posted on  and I thought I know that guy!!! I first saw this lively John Travolta like character  back in September when we visited Disney.  Click on the video to see my encounter.  This guy could give Pauley D and the Situation a run for their money no doubt! I love it when I ask Gaston to please wish my friend Rob from New Jersey a Happy Birthday.  Gaston answers,  “New Jersey? Where’s that? Sounds like a horrible place.” I’m thinking, “Oh I think we both KNOW where New Jersey is and I’m sure you get your Jersey Shore and GTL on!” If not a Jersey meatball then he must at least be a New Yorker! The Italian Stallion then challenges my friend, Rob to come on down to Disney and see a real man while spinning his his padded physique around and urging “Rob” to admire his 360 degrees of perfection. This guy is deft, extremely witty and Needless to say,  Rob thought Gaston’s birthday message was hysterical.  










Gaston's Tavern where the character Gaston can be seen right outside
Gaston’s Tavern, where the character Gaston can be seen right outside in the courtyard.

Below you can also see the latest youtube sensations with Gaston. One with a little girl confronting him and a muscle head kid challenging him to a pushup contest. Whoever this hairy chested man is playing Gaston to perfection he is talented and so much fun and will sure to be a big star some day! 

John Michael biting into a pork shank
John Michael biting into a pork shank.

The character Gaston is located outside Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. We stopped here for a very manly Roasted Pork Shank and an oversized Cinnamon Bun; And if there’s one thing the Mama likes is some oversized frosted buns.

Ava diggin' in!
Ava digging in!
Gaston's frosted buns!
Gaston’s frosted buns!


























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