Should you have your neck waddle lifted? Dr. Paul Nassif tells us this and more!

As you guys know I am a  huge fan of the reality series Botched on E! Network. The show follows world renowned  plastic surgeons, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul S. Nassif  as they go about fixing people’s botched plastic surgeries. If your last doctor implanted your butt with cement and now you want it fixed? These are your guys! 

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I was super excited to catch up with the hunky Dr Paul NassEEF as I like to call him and find out about his awesome new skin care line, the future of his show Botched and his opinions on how to stay young! He even answers some of your questions as well!  



About Bio-Rhythmic Skincare 

I’ve actually been using his line for a few weeks and I have noticed a difference. I find my skin more evenly toned. So if you want your own set then go to purchase. Not too worry it WILL be in stores across the US Too. 

Here’s the lowdown from his site. “On a daily basis, skin stem cells responsible for the skin’s health and youthful vigor attempt to deal with cyclical Bio-Rhythmic day and night variance and the demands of a busy lifestyle, which are complicated by travel and stress.  The long-term effect of our balance biorhythms, compounded with age, creates an out of sync biological clock, which compromises cells and makes it harder for the skin to function effectively.” 

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