Disney Villainesses We Can’t Get Enough Of

Disney Villainesses We Can’t Get Enough Of

by Guest Contributor  and Chipotle lover- Roya Crider

Whether it’s their high cheekbones, reckless driving or just sheer evil, we can’t get enough of these iconic Disney Villainesses. In no particular order, here’s why:

Maleficent-SB1.Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty

A jealous woman with one hell of a fascinator and a serious issue with being invited to events, Maleficent is one of Disney’s most beloved villains. We all have had that one guest that we “accidentally” forgot to invite to our holiday party. Well, Maleficent did not like being that guest. So, she cast a spell on the King and Queen’s daughter that would kill her before the age of 16. Slight overreaction, but that’s what makes a Disney Villain so amazing.




cruella de vil disney wiki

2. Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmations

You have to be an obsessive, evil woman like Cruella De Vil (who I’m pretty sure I saw in Central Park the other day), if you include skinning 99 Dalmatian puppies to make a fur coat on your bucket list. I love how she bursts into every room with a deranged look that only a person on Day 2 of the Master Cleanse could pull off. And yah gotta love her driving skills.



tremaine3. Lady Tremaine – Cinderella

Besides being conniving and evil, Cinderella’s step-mother, Lady Tremaine has absolutely no appreciation for Cinderella’s kindness and compassion. Which is kind of ironic coming from a woman with a heart shaped head. And who doesn’t love Lady Tremain’s sidekick, Lucifer, the chubby cat who lives to wreak havoc with his sharp grin. Lucifer provided the comic relief that Disney never fails to include in each of their fairy tales.

ursula disney

4.Ursula – The Little Mermaid

Ursula the Sea Witch is just terrifying. And I mean terrifying. And if you haven’t already read the original story by Hans Christian Anderson then don’t because she’s even more petrifying in that. She preys on the deepest insecurities of young girls and then provides them with intentionally unfair solutions to make herself more powerful. Why do we love her? For her Mae West shape and gutsy singing style while she belts out her iconic tune, “Pooooor unfortunate souls.”

Yzma_425. Yzma – The Emperor’s New Groove

My all-time favorite villainess is Yzma, the Emperor’s Advisor. Without Yzma and her towering sidekick Kronk, The Emperor’s New Groove wouldn’t be the movie that it is. She’s great at devising plans, telling everyone how gorgeous she is and hitting her punchlines plus she looks like she’s sprouting out of a purple plume.



SW_Queen6. Evil Queen – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

We love this character because she’s so evil that she doesn’t even need a name. The Evil Queen tried to kill an innocent girl just so that she could be the most beautiful person in the land, and wanted the girls heart in a cage to remind her of her “triumph.” Enough said.




7. The Queen of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland

The Queen of Hearts is a psycho tyrant with major mood swings, most of which result in her screaming, “Off with their heads!” And the only person she even remotely listens to or cares about is her tiny little husband, who ironically, looks like he could be the size of the heart on her saber.  We love her because she says all the things the rest of us wouldn’t never dare!                                                                                          





madam mim8. Madam Sim – The Sword in the Stone

You know that friend in town who always seems aggravatingly prepared for life? Well, that’s Madam Sim. Always ready at the spur of the moment, she turns herself into a dragon to prove that she’s more of an overachiever than her rival wizard, Merlin.





Medusa_phone9. Madam Medusa – The Rescuers

Madam Medusa is jacked up in ways that make anyone cringe. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She even took a little girl’s teddy bear away and then dropped her down a well just to get a diamond. How’s that for crazy.



Mother_Gothel10. Mother Gothel – Tangled

Mother Gothel was a serious drama queen who was obsessed staying young. Can you blame her? This crazy curly haired raven keeps the young princess Rapunzel hidden in a tower in order to use her magical powers stored in her long hair to keep her youthful. We love a chick who is crafty when it comes to keeping the wrinkles at bay especially in the pre-Botox days.



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