Carey Reilly talks the 28 challenge with Robert Brace on 3v Channel’s How are you so sexy?

Carey with Celebrity fitness trainer, Robert Brace







Hey guys, This week I am bringing to you another episode of How Are You So Sexy? on the 3v channel with the amazing, celebrity fitness trainer, Robert Brace. I had so much fun filming this episode  at one point I  laughed so hard, I even peed my pants! Hey I’m a mom, it’s what happens after two kids! Robert Brace was a doll and we actually kept in touch after filming this episode!

Who is Robert Brace? well he is a former professional ballet dancer and now a fitness expert who was dubbed as “New York’s top fitness guru” by the New York Daily News. He even trains a Victoria’s secret model and was a trainer on Food Network’s Fat Chef.

When I first met Robert he meant business and showed me how to take an inch off my waist, simply by just standing with the correct posture. Since Robert was a professional ballet dancer he knows all about posture and since I usually look like a slouching tiger I do not know about posture.

Then Robert showed me his amazing 28 day challenge. Which is a diet and exercise regime you follow for 28 days. The program comes with a DVD exercise box set.  I workout to his DVD’s all the time with my friend and fitness buddy, Robin Blanz. The workout is tough and usually has us sweating and yelling at the TV. I always feel like a million bucks after working out with Robert Brace.

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