Billionaire Paul Mitchell From Hair Care To Herpes Cream- yes you read that right

JP_headShot_2011peace_d2vBillionaire John Paul Dejoria of Paul Mitchell fame is expanding his empire from hair care and tequila to the world of herpes cream, yes I said herpes cream and the products are great!

His company is, Aubio lip balm and cold sore creams:  “For the 170 Million people who Suffer from Cold Sores. Aubío works by providing cooling, soothing, calming relief of cold sores and fever blisters. Just natural, efficacious relief.”


I had a chance to speak with the iconic ponytail billionaire to learn all about his latest investment.  He told me why his product is different than all the others,  “This plant based botanical gel works early on against the virus, disrupting the pathway and bringing fast relief.”  JP said.


The cream’s active ingredient is a super botanical carnivorous plant discovered by the Native Americans that they called “Big Medicine.” 

JP has poured millions into this company to help billions around the world with various skin conditions like cold sores/herpes virus 1/fever blisters and the effective treatment his team developed using the science behind an ancient carnivorous plant – the Pitcher Plant. Cold Sore 2

Aubio is competitive with other brands at $29.99 and can bought here as well as Target and Amazon.

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