Best Places in America for Fried Chicken

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-12-26-18-pmThe Best Places in America for Fried Chicken

Every culture has their own idea of comfort food, and for Americans, nothing smells and tastes like home more than a delicious batch of fried chicken, crisped to perfection. With the crunch of the fried batter, the flavors from the spice blend and the juiciness of the meat, this rustic dish is every chef’s dream, as simple as fried chicken may seem. To nail the exact temperature, flavor and cook time for thighs and drumsticks, it takes a certain level of skill, knowledge and instinct that not everyone can quite pull off.

Thankfully, there are loads of professionals out there that know exactly what they’re doing, with their recipes backed by years of success through secrets passed down through generations. Thus, any time you are craving fried chicken, indulge yourself at any one of the following restaurants:

Federal Donuts in Philadelphia, PA

Philly wasn’t always on the map as a destination for fried chicken, given its reputation for cheesesteaks and hoagies. However, local legend chef Michael Solomonov changed the culinary scope of his hometown with his uber successful food concept that is now known as Federal Donuts. In an interview with Eater, he explains that the most difficult task to maintain in a restaurant is consistency, and by only serving fried chicken, donuts and coffee, their focus is narrowed down to perfecting three comfort foods. Cured for 24 hours and double fried, Solomonov has hit a homerun with Federal Donuts and has branched out to other neighborhoods around the city.

Dooky Chase in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is every foodie’s paradise. It’s the place to go for traditional Creole favorites, which also includes the ever-so-popular fried chicken. Although visitors are spoiled for options for eateries serving up deep-fried goodness, locals know that the go-to spot for fried chicken is Dooky Chase on Orleans Street. Having opened back in 1941, a video blog post from The Scene indicates that back then, the place was referred to as The Restaurant, since it was the only restaurant there for a considerable amount of time. Back in the kitchen you’ll find the 93-year-old woman who has served fried chicken to the likes of President Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey, still working as hard as she did back in the day to serve the town’s best chicken.

Watershed on Peachtree in Atlanta, GA

Watershed has been an institution in Atlanta for years, a buzz worthy joint for frying up the best chicken, only available on Tuesday nights. It closed down in 2011 and has since undergone a lot of changes, but the one thing that the new chef Joe Truex has chose not to mess with is the original recipe by Scott Peacock. Management moved the famous chicken night to Wednesdays, and started serving fried chicken during the lunch hours in 2014 due to the high demand, according to Atlanta Magazine. Make sure you reserve a table or come in early, as rumor has it, Watershed usually sells out their chicken specials by 7:30pm.

What are your favorite restaurants for fried chicken?

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