Adam Levine’s Youngest Fan Melts Down At News Of His Marriage

Adam Levine’s Youngest Admirer Melts Down At News Of His Marriage by Kelsey Fishburn

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Adam Levine is making the rounds this week to promote his hit show on NBC, The Voice. Here’s an oldie but goodie viral video of a young fan melting down at the news of Adam Levine’s marriage! I can definitely relate to her passion for Adam, as I was head-over-heels for Nick Carter for years. Any time anyone said they liked him I was over defensive about how much I liked him more because I had two posters of him in my room and knew every word to all of the backstreet boys songs. Wish I could say I was lucky enough for him to know the depths of my love like this lucky little girl gone viral.

This video went viral in 2015 when 3-year-old Mila’s mom thought it was about time to let her daughter know that her favorite rocker, Adam Levine had gotten married. The little girl’s tears are so genuine it almost feels wrong to laugh…but it’s too hard to contain when she yells through broken sobs, “He didn’t, Mommy!” Makes me glad I’m not the only one who reacted this way, glad no one caught me on camera!

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